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Eye Examinations

Our doctors determine the proper glasses prescription and lens options to help you see your best, they evaluate the health of your eye to detect any eye disease to help promote lasting vision. They assess your risk of glaucoma by checking your eye pressures without using the “puff of air” test. They also take a comprehensive look at your eyes to evaluate for eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, ocular allergies, corneal and retinal health. 

Pediatric Eye Care


Recommended first eye exams should be done between 6 to 12 months of age. If any vision issues are detected or suspected, more frequent follow up visits may be recommended by the doctor. If no vision issues are apparent, subsequent eye exams are recommended at 3 years of age and again before entering first grade. Following these first visits, periodic routine exams should be conducted every 1-2 years depending on presence of any vision conditions, risk factors or complaints. During a pediatric eye exam, the doctors focus on ensuring the eyes are developing normally and nothing is hindering clear, comfortable vision. They assess for eye turns, lazy eyes and eye diseases that can affect younger eyes. 

iWellness Exam  

iWellness is a tool that our doctors utilize to get an in depth assessment of retinal health. This quick and easy scan assists our doctors in identifying early signs of retinal diseases or glaucoma, allowing for proactive treatment and prevention of progression.

Diagnosis, Treatment/Management of Eye Diseases


Vision is precious and can be threatened by many different diseases of the eye. At every comprehensive eye exam, our doctors are on the lookout for any of the many ocular conditions that can threaten sight. When one is detected, we are here to help you manage these conditions. 

Our doctors are also equipped to help you with your urgent ocular needs, including: red eyes; infections; pain; vision loss; flashes of light and new floaters. We are also fully equipped for foreign body removal, for when when you accidentally get something in your eye. 

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