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We believe the glasses you wear daily are an extension of you. Your personality and style. We are committed to providing you with a variety of frame styles and brands so we can help you find just what you are looking for. The perfect pair to fit you and your budget. 

Featured brands include: Coach; RayBan; Oakley; Kate Spade; Modo; Guess; Candies; Carolina Herrera; Brendell; Harley-Davidson; Diesel; Timberland; Clip-on sunglasses and many more.

Eyeglass Lenses

Our opticians are experts in the countless lens designs and options available to you today. Let them assist you in optimizing your glasses prescription for your specific visual requirements. Our independent optical allows us to customize your glasses to provide you with the best options available on the market. 


Choose from plastic or glass lenses, safer polycarbonate lenses, high vision quality mid-index lenses and thinner and lighter high-index lenses

Upgrade your vision to digitally surfaced single vision and progressive lenses available in designs to custom fit your needs

Transitions lenses change from clear to dark in the sun

Scratch resistant coatings can reduce scratching on plastic lenses

Anti-reflective coatings (including Crizal brand)

reduce glare caused by computer monitors or headlights

Polarized sunglasses enhance your outdoor vision

BluTech filter more of the blue light that may be associated with glare, eyestrain, headaches and sleeplessness

Custom clip-on sunglasses made to fit ANY frame

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