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Contact Lens Evaluation & Fitting

Glasses getting in the way of you enjoying life? Our doctors are here to find the right fit and modality of contact lenses that will not only keep you free to clearly enjoy your activities, but also to keep your eyes healthy and happy. Yearly checks of your contact lenses are important to ensure those lenses are not compromising the integrity of the ocular surface.

We fit many brands of soft and hard contact lenses. We aim to pair you with a specific design and modality that will fit your individual needs and lifestyle. These options include: soft spherical and astigmatism lenses; color enhancing and color changing lenses; multifocal and monovision lenes; rigid gas permeable lenses; two-week, monthly and daily replacement lenses.


Never worn contacts before? We will work with you in a relaxed, non stressful environment to teach you insertion and removal of your contact lenses to ensure you are comfortable with the process. We will also teach you how to care for the lenses to instill good habits from the beginning, to reduce the risk of infection or complications associated with the lenses.  


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